Dmitry Brickman (Israel)

Brickman Dmitri was born in the Soviet Union, in the city of Leningrad, on the Karl Marx avenue. Due to well-known historical events, all of these three names by turn but quite quickly vanished from the geographical maps. That’s why the answer to this simple question about his birthplace, turns, as a rule, into a small history lesson.
He lives in Israel since 1991. He got into photography at a quite mature age when he saw the great Jerusalem and realized that he has to reformulate and perceive what he has seen.
The photo camera became that very tool of perception. Afterwards the process went like a rolling snowball and the things that couldn’t be combined at the first sight were combined as if lowering to the bar of that strange reformulation – to see the seen.
In this way a photo albums called “Jerusalem isnot just a city”, "The eyes of Armenia" and his other works were issued.

Hayato Мatsumoto (Japan)

I was born in the wonderful city Almaty, but so it happened, that I started to travel across the world from the age of 13. And a little earlier Smena, FED-3, VILIA, AGAT 18 etc. fell into my hands. Since that started my acquaintance with photographs, which still continues. I lived in the capital city of Ural, Sverdlovsk, Northern Kazakhstan, Japan's subtropical south, a year lived in crazy, rushing nowhere, being never and nowhere late Tokio. And finally settled in Kobe city.

A few years ago I started as the only founder and developer of the project PhotoArtCreation, within which international photo contests were held, photo meetings in Almaty, photo tours around Japan, etc. But soon it didn't seem to be enough too.
Now I continue to take pictures, in my spare time I organize tours in Japan.

Pascal Gelinas (Canada)

In 1973 Pascal directed his first feature film, Montréal Blues. In 1983, he co-directed a feature-length on the Great Depression called La Turlutte des Années Dures (The Ballad of Hard Times), which won the Critics’ Award in Quebec, as well as the Sesterce d’argent and the Ecumenical Prize at the International Film Festival of Nyon, Switzerland.
Between 1984 and 2009, for Société Radio-Canada series, Pascal has directed more than 350 science reports for the layman.
In 2006, Pascal has been shooting in Indonesia, editing and producing a documentary called "The Water Bearer". This film has been selected in some thirty festivals in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. It won 5 prize in Canada, France, Tunisia and Australia.
In 2009, Pascal wrote and directed a documentary on his father, the famous playwright and actor Gratien Gélinas, titled Gratien Gélinas.
In 2016 Pascal shot and directed the documentary "A bridge Between Two Worlds". The film won the People’s choice award at the international festival Caméras des Champs in France. It also won the Environment Prize at the 48th International Maritime, Exploration and Environment film Festival in Toulon, France. November 2016.
In January 2017 it won the People’s choice Award at the IChill International Film Fest, in Manila, Philipines.

Audrey Emerson (USA)

A student at the University of Southern California studying Cinema and Media Studies, Audrey is interested in how film can be used as a medium for social impact.
Drawing on her love for improvisation, passion for authentic connection between people, and belief that stories can affect change, she was drawn to documentary filmmaking and began working with the company Devlo Media in her native state of Rhode Island. With their guidance, Audrey set out to make her first documentary, "The Pamoja Project".
Audrey is excited about exploring the intersection of documentary film, storytelling, social impact, and humanity.

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