"Echo" of Fresco International Festival

The "Echo" of Fresco in Moscow

From January 31 till February 3, 2016 took place first program of the “Echo” of Fresco International Festival for which we express our deep gratitude to Primate Diocese of the Armenian Church of New Nakhichevan and Russia- Archbishop Yezras Nersissian and to Spiritual mentor of the festival Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan.

Thus, choosing the Moscow as a cultural crossroad and a city which contains the largest Armenian diaspora, Echo of Fresco Festival was held for 4 days.

The program was aimed to get the young generation of diaspora acquainted with the Armenian history and culture, its social life, spiritual-moral and family traditions, and to promote the formation of strong relations with the Homeland and to strengthen national identity.

On 31 January with the blessing of the Primate Diocese of the Armenian Church of New Nakhichevan and Russia- Archbishop Yezras Nersissian took place the opening ceremony of Echo of Fresco Festival. His Eminence wished the festival a good luck, and noted that it will certainly take its unique place and will get new supporters and friends both in Armenia and Moscow.

The event began with a patriotic film, which presented the history and culture of Armenia, from the ancestor Noah to Vardan Mamikonyan, from Sayat Nova up to Parajanov and nowadays. Then the photo interpretation of Dmitry Brickman “Prayer of Jerusalem” was screened. The film characters are representatives of various nations and religions that live in or visit Jerusalem.

Within the framework of Echo of Fresco Festival in Moscow were presented the photo exhibitions of Dmitry Brickman (“Jerusalem is not just a city”), Tatevik Melkonyan (“Bowed sanctities of spiritual Armenia”) and Grigor Epremyan (photos of canonization ceremony of the victims of Armenian Genocide at Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin taken on 24 April 2015). For 3 days the best films of Fresco 2014 and 2015 were shown and after each film discussion was held. During the film screenings were present also the directors, producers and other representatives. The guests of the festival were Sofia Geweiler (“Given in exchange”), Marina Solovyova (“Rainbow”), Yulia Travnikova (“Second Wind”), Elena Galyanina(“One Minute”), Mikhail Gridin and Ivan Tverdovski (“To start life anew”) presented a film about the Orbelyan family, Nona Sisakyan (“May 1945”) from Belarus presented a program dedicated to the veterans of World War II, and during the screening of the film there were also present veterans. A clergyman of Russian Orthodox Church, Italian historian Giovanni Guaita also attended the “Echo Fresco Festival’.

The "Echo" of Fresco in Haghartsin

On 18-20 November, 2016 the project ECHO of Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films was organized by Rainbow NGO in Haghartsin Monastery complex. Event was held with the support of Ministry of Sport ant Youth Affairs of RA and Bagrat Bishop Galstanyan, the primate of Tavush Diocese.

During the project the photo-exhibition "Armenian Jerusalem" of abbot of the monastery of the Holy Archangel Church of Jerusalem, candidate of theological sciences Ghevond Vardapet Hovhannisyan and "The Eyes of Armenia through the Eyes of an Israeli" of famous Israeli photographer Dmitry Brickman were held. The abbot of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, who is also an active blogger, as a rule, takes photos not on a photo camera but on his phone. There were exhibited 63 of his photos all taken on his IPhone. Every day he posts a photo on his Facebook page with a comment “GOOD MORNING”. With his photos Ghevond Vardapet wants to show all of us that Jerusalem is not just a city made of stones or people living there, but a bearer of a religious history of Armenians beginning from King Abgar. The famous Israeli photographer Dmitry Brickman had mentioned for several times that he was able to represent Armenia from another angle and that, “unlike other megalopolises, most of the people do not wear masks, people here are honest”.

The “Echo” program aimed to show the best of Fresco festival, giving another opportunity to see and discuss the humanitarian values and topics presented through photos. In the photoexhibition took part representatives of various youth organizations, soldiers, local and foreign guests.The "Echo" program was accepted positively both by local and foreign visitors, and also workshops on spiritual messages of photos’ were organized.

It was very important for the organizers to do this program especially at Haghartsin Monastery, as in this kind of spiritual centers and areas isolated from urban noise, people can really get acquitted with spiritual values and apprehend the works of art preaching humanism.

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